We are currently open for business. To help keep our team and community safe, our salon is open by pre-scheduled appointments only. Please call 212.319.6778.

Due to the new Covid-19 restrictions and protocols we ask that you limit your shopping companions to the one person whose opinions mean the most to you. To keep you and our team safe, we are limiting our guest count to allow for significant space. We hope you understand that we are not happy starting out our relationship with a hard no. We do have the option of private appointments as you are able to have three guests as the salon is effectively closed for your appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this option.

A Message From Mark-

Our team is working to ensure all of our brides are receiving assistance and answers during this difficult time. We’ve spent twenty years doing our best to help make bride’s dreams come to life. The same dedication that we’ve shown in the past will continue well into the future.

New York City women are some of the strongest we know and your love for family and each other inspires us daily.  As we pause together in the coming days, know that we are here for you on the other side.  We will once again, work together toward creating a beautiful celebration. Your gowns awaits you when this passes.

We send our sincere gratitude to all of our neighbors who are working on the front line in health and human services.

Warm regards,

Mark Ingram Atelier

Date & Venue

It is very important to have a wedding date and venue before booking your appointment. Our consultants will help you select a gown that is perfect for your setting.

Do Your Research

Bring photos or a Pinterest Board of wedding gown styles you wish to try on. Our consultants will make additional style recommendations based on the images you bring with you and your initial conversation.

Mark Ingram Atelier

Price Range

Before scheduling an appointment, make sure you have determined a budget for your gown. Our consultants will work with you to stay within your budget. Prices for bridal gowns at the Atelier start at $5,000 and go up to $20,000, with an average price point of $7,000 to $12,000.

Shopping Companions

In general, limit your shopping companions to the one or two persons whose opinions mean the most. Too many opinions can confuse you. You can always bring additional companions with you to your fittings.

Mark Ingram Atelier